Luigi Gatti (1740-1817)

Gatti enjoyed a successful career in Mantua and was approached in 1778 about accepting a position in Salzburg, but declined consideration. Finally in 1783 he became the last Italian Kapellmeister of the Salzburg court and cathedral, the winner of a competition in which Leopold Mozart was also a candidate.

Quartets for oboe and strings and other chamber music
Sources: a rich archive in the Biblioteca della Opera Pia “Greggiati”, Ostiglia, Italy, contains a number of manuscripts, many marked “autografo del compositor Abb. Luigi Gatti..” While the majority of Gatti’s surviving works are vocal, the Ostiglia manuscripts are mostly instrumental and show a marked predilection for the oboe.

Works presently available:

Quartet in C Major for Oboe and strings score & parts $35.00

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sample from the Ostiglia manuscript with attribution at bottom

Quartet in F Major for Oboe and strings score & parts $27.00

Trio in C Major (Flute/Violin, 'Cello, Cembalo) score & parts $35.00

Works in preparation, all from autograph manuscripts in Ostiglia, Italy:

Septet Concertant in F Major (Oboe, horns, strings)
Septet Concertant in C Major (Oboe, horns, strings)
Sextet in E-flat Major (english horn, bassoon, strings)
Adagio in C Major for Oboe solo
Divertimento in C Major for Diverse Instruments
Serenata in D Major a piu strumenti di Concerto